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Grand Betrayal

by Vonnegut

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Frisium 05:04
saviors sold their rotten souls to the gods of paper faces what am i to do now where am i to go path of desperation to a mighty woe frisium, fighting herds of time proud get vain, a hive of hypocrites your hide your shameless grins darkest times, walls crawl up to the skies to mute a dying child' scream since when is love a crime since when is life so worthless i damn you all protectors from above a cult of monstrous greed am I to end what I once commenced? and will I ever break this vicious circle? not of you, none at all not of me, slays my kin
years corrode the steel of memories sagas in a language no one knows eternal flame, a trembling spark a toy for impish children forgotten, you're sent by fools to wander amidst the dark of times who lied to us that manuscripts don't burn once praised, they lost their names as we behold the exodus of the dead silent are the heroes stones will shed no tears you never knew the pain and never have you sought red-eyed, red-eyed redeemers the hate machine it grinds the living wake me, shake me, give me strength so that i can see flame and rage and massiveness of deformity turned to dust with ashen faces debris of a dream grim spectator of a thing never meant to be
Vantablack 06:46
each of us is a precipice with a slumbering dark swarming demons dwelling deep waiting just for a spark for a man to be a man with the beast on a leash give us law, lock us up in rules give us roles to play a blind spot is what it craves, for it never sleeps sloppy gods, a broken code, power uncontrolled twilight of the soul closing in on me at the gates I stand to my vantaback no machine will calculate any thought that is black seers cannot prophesize when a heart bears a crack each of us is a paradox with a chaos inside bearing masks of sanity with a predator’s snarl always at war, always at war, man fights beast longing for more, raging inside, begs for release stigmatized, this must be brutal you, brutal me power blinds, we're slaves of violence power blinds, we're slaves of force reason binds whatever's sinister reason binds whatever's raw
The Thirst 05:16
son of crooked wisdom, doomed to trod the night for the morning that never returned longing for salvation, reaching out for help cast into the maze of a sinister design there’s no escaping it there’s no refusing it there’s no resisting it you will forever feel… thirst, driven by the thirst and you don’t know the reason stalk, eyes dimmed with hunger crawl through the coldness of night run, you’re the ultimate hunter charge, what you do must feel right deep down an engine of malice in the veins a fuel of hate you’re the eyes of a cruel creator you’re the hands of a hideous mind every step brings closer to downfall thirst will brand up your name "That’s the curse, isn’t it? When you’re not good at what you love, and good at something you would hate. <…> There were gods who needed to be worshipped and placated, and the currency for that was blood." ― Jo Nesbø
want them to engrave your name on the slates of time have them elevate your name blinded by your fame time, a loan shark, you don't care, let them play their games they have eyes, yet they can't see what they pay for fame the eater of past, the slayer of sound the furnace of egos, is here, for your soul an ugly division between the two names a desperate conflict between the two selves a scalpel of grievance dissects shameful past the wound is reopened the secret unleashed once a slave of vanity dragged into the shame once a sky of golden stars now a pit of truths when it’s one, it's many more, plague of scathing blame good and bad, much like a war, faces fall like rain curtains catch fire, stage crumbles down hypocrite empire, who will take the crown? let the war begin, see whose lies will win
flames reach high, scorching the clouds thrones of gods licked by the sun here’s the might, the power of word bend the will, sharpen the blindness lead them to the light, show the only truth your god is right, your god is right you’re at the gate, your faith is right hide your voices, mask your dreams the storm is very near blow your candles, burn your scripts these walls can see and hear just like a giant rocking the world a new revelation, a demolishing word pull down the faces older than time what was a virtue is now a crime worshipped and cursed whatever you believed in a whisper in the ash whoever gave you wisdom a prophet in a cage faith reeks torture flames reach high, scorching the clouds faces of gods in the dust of time here’s the might, the power of unfaith vicious blow on what was once a law
what is your part in this cruel play they roll the dice on your fateful day pull on a mask, a grin slits your face you’re a half human, you feed on disgrace what could go wrong instincts and feelings, the game is on What hides inside eater of conscience, slayer of light wondering about the human mind in the corners only rats to find sickening sight of turning into beasts all we feared was suddenly released unbound, untied, unleashed craving for the shameful bliss unseen, unfelt, untaught waiting to make you commit the grand betrayal these walls will one day crumble expose the rotten core your naked self revealing the base, the mean, the worst "Darkness reveals truths that no sun can bring to light, for inside the heart of man resides a beast, only tamed by the shackles of the day." - Felix O. Hartmann everything that’s bleeding everything that suffers everything that’s dying everything that’s dead a grand betrayal of what we're meant to be a grand betrayal, a gruesome psycho spree a grand betrayal, the vile will rule your world a grand betrayal, you've heard the primal call


Our debut full-length, Grand Betrayal is finally released, despite a great many hardships and obstacles along the way.


released September 24, 2021

Alex voice, lyrics
Pavel guitars, music
Konstantin guitars, bass, programming

Recorded and mixed at: Goya Recording Studio
Art: Timur Khabirov


all rights reserved



Vonnegut Chelyabinsk, Russia

Formed midway through summer 2015, Vonnegut set off as a duo of Pavel Kryukov (all music composition and performance) and Alex Bartholomew (lyrics and vocals). The band draws its musical inspirations from oldschool death, yet stores its lyrics in soulsearching, social, and philosophical domains. In early 2018, Konstantin Ogarkov joined the band as a permanent member. ... more

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